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Lone Star Mobile RV Inspections and Service


At Lone Star Mobile RV Inspections and Service, our goal is to provide professional and affordable pre-inspection services to clients across the Houston, Conroe, Livingston, Lufkin area.

Available Services

  • Essential and Premier RV Inspections to include Class A, B and C Motorhomes. All 5th wheels and towable RV's. Premier Inspections includes up to 300 points of inspection. 

  • Fluid Analysis on engines and generators. If someone states, the lubricants have just been changed, that could be a sign that an issue is being hidden. An oil analysis will detect possible internal wear.

  • Maintenance service on all appliances and generators as in a/c, furnace and refrigerator cleaning, oil changes as it applies.​ A yearly service on key components will save money in the long run.

  • Life Safety Inspection If you have just purchased an RV, or, you are full-time rv'er and want to ensure that it is safe to occupy and travel with, I can perform a Life Saving Inspection. This includes all life safety detectors to ensure they are operational and up to date, a propane leak test, GFCI testing, emergency window operation, wall receptacle testing, and hot skin test. All are essential in keeping you safe while occupying your RV.

  •  Warranty Inspections If you are required to have an annual warranty inspection, I can inspect your RV to the warranty company specifications. 

  • Repairs  I can perform some minor repairs on appliances and water system.

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